Poet Phillip Shabazz to teach at Table Rock in 2014

Poet Phillip Shabazz joins us in 2014 with an inspiring class on poetry. Shabazz is a master teacher who can work with poets of all ages. He brings a world of life experiences to his own work and will help poets tap their own wellsprings.  Here is a poem from Phillip.  Please visit our website http://tablerockwriters.com to see all the offerings for this coming September 8-12, 2014 at the extraordinary Wildacres Retreat along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina.


Wishes For You

by Phillip Shabazz

I wish you the sun and stars sparkling

above the valley of pine trees and red clay earth,

and the flurry of green hills, flashy and timeless

like the emerald points around our homeland.

I wish you the moon and midnight rain, happiness,

long life, and shiny cards for your birthday and a picture

of Rosa Parks on your T-shirt; I wish you laughing children,

not masses of them, just a couple having fun

at the swimming pool, while a repairman fixes

the broken sink or dishwasher in your future

bungalow, condo, or beach house

breezy like a sand castle built on the Carolina coast.

I wish you enough bucks to spend on a wedding dress

and enough Benjamin’s for icing on the cake.

I wish you love from someone who really cares for you,

with soft-cheeks and a good heart; I wish you get to

see the wonders of rivers and mountains and sacred sites,

and read the inscription on Lady Liberty

which says Justice for All, and We The People;

so you can sing Stand Up For Your Rights

like you could always stand for something good.

I wish you an end to ghettos and war and kids dying

in the street and on the battlefield; I wish you live music,

house parties and concerts and fancy cars

that don’t depend on gas and oil and corporate empire.

I wish you never doubt yourself

and that your life turns out the way you want it to be

under this sky, this roof, this house and you can look back

at the world you made and smile.


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